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Last modified: 03/19/2012

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What do I do if I have a valid homeowner community complaint?

A: The Association encourages all homeowners to attempt to resolve any problem or problems with the neighbor prior to making a formal complaint.  Complaints will be investigated by the Board of Directors to assess if covenants, bylaws or policies are violated.  In case of a violation, a notice will be sent to the violator when necessary.

Failure to comply with OHA notices can result in a fine.  Unless the party being fined requests a review hearing, it is the policy of the Board to keep the identity of the complaining party confidential.

Unless the complaining person's physical security is at risk, anonymous complaints are not processed.

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Q: I need a new roof, exterior paint, or other property improvement.  What are my options and what do I need to do?

A: To protect and enhance visual appeal of the neighborhood, the Association has Roofing Guidelines that specify some specific roofing materials in addition to cedar products.  Please refer to the "Roofing Standards" located in our Documents section for full details.  All new roofs must be pre-approved by the Association in writing.  To begin the approval process, fill out the Homeowner's Improvement Application.  Send the completed form to the address shown, including a full sheet sample of the roofing material you are planning to use.

Paint colors must also be submitted to the Association for approval before beginning any exterior paint job.  Ideally, you should provide multiple options, numbered in order of preference, in case one or more choices do not meet approval.  To begin the approval process, fill out the Homeowner's Improvement Application.  Send the completed form to the address shown, including swatches of the paint colors you have chosen.

For other property improvements, please refer to the "Homeowner's Improvement Application", located on the Documents page of this website.

Once you have made your request, the Association has 30 days to take action, either approving or denying.  However, every effort will be made to expedite the request as soon as possible.  You will be notified in writing once the Board has taken final action.

If you have questions or need guidance in this matter, please send an email to for assistance.

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Q: Why should I pay my annual dues?

A: Each homeowner in Olympus is legally required to pay annual dues.  It is an obligation that every homeowner agreed upon when purchasing property in Olympus.

Beyond the legal requirement, everyone should pay the annual dues promptly so that the Association can have the funds it needs to satisfactorily manage the neighborhood.  There are four community areas including the two entrances that the Association maintains at a substantial cost.  These areas are a great aesthetic asset to the community and vital to keeping up the neighborhood's appearance and preserving property values.

Your fees are also budgeted for the following purposes:

  • Professional charges paid to property management company for their services

  • Expenses for community events like Easter Egg Hunt, Community Garage Sale and Community Dumpster Weekend

  • Recognition for winners of annual community awards for "Best Yard in Olympus" and "Good Neighbor Award"

It is important that every individual property owner pay his or her fair share in keeping our neighborhood a great place to live.  Delinquent homeowners are subject to penalties as defined in the Delinquency Policy.  In worst cases, serious delinquencies can result in a lien filed against the property.

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Q: Can my kids bike through the greenbelts?

A: Greenbelts are for the enjoyment of every resident.  Residents must balance their enjoyment of the greenbelts with their community obligation to help maintain them.  Appropriate conduct in the greenbelt depends on the characteristics of the greenbelt.  Some greenbelts are primarily grass and can be enjoyed much as your own personal lawn would be.  Other greenbelts have woodchips, or may have delicate plantings in them where riding bicycles or otherwise intruding in the area may cause irreparable damage.  Please ensure that your family and family pets act responsibly.

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Q: Can my dogs use the greenbelts?

A: Our community is pet-friendly in accordance with our covenants, bylaws and County ordinances.  In accordance with local ordinances, all dogs must be leashed when not within the owner's property.  The "scoop law" is strictly enforced throughout the development.  Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

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Q: Can I park my RV or car in the street?

A: Olympus covenants prohibit RVs, boats and commercial type vehicles parked on the street or other areas for extended periods.  The covenants do not prohibit one from parking his or her passenger vehicle on the street for any length of time.  Newcastle, King County, and Washington have parking regulations that do prohibit certain acts.  Among other things, the codes prohibit parking on sidewalks, within five feet of someone's driveway (including your own), in front of fire hydrants, blocking mailboxes, etc.  To seek enforcement of these provisions, or for other parking concerns not addressed here, contact the Newcastle Police Non-Emergency Dispatch at (206) 296-3311.

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Q: I see people speeding or not stopping at stop signs - what can I do?

A: Every neighborhood has these issues.  Most people at least make an attempt at slowing down and looking.  That, however, is still a traffic infraction and carries a fine.  Many people you talk to have a story of a "near miss" at a stop sign by someone who did not stop, or of someone racing through the neighborhood. Pedestrians and children expect approaching vehicles to stop at stop signs, and act on that expectation.  Vehicles that habitually fail to stop can pose a danger to these people.  Every person who does not stop at a stop sign has the same excuse:  "But, there was no one around."  Police tell us that they repeatedly hear the same excuse for accidents at intersections. "They came out of nowhere."  Those who are accustomed to not stopping get sloppy over time.  It should be emphasized that the law says "stop," not "stop when there is no one around, or late at night, or when you are not in a hurry."    

If stop sign compliance is a concern, contact the Newcastle Police Non-Emergency Dispatch at (206) 296-3311.

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